Bhaskar Natarajan

Bhaskar Natarajan


Director Programme, AEEE

Dr. Bhaskar Natarajan has over twenty-five years of experience in areas related to clean energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. Bhaskar has managed large programs, working with donor agencies to scope out program goals, and working with multiple stakeholders to deliver results. Bhaskar has worked on projects, supported by World Bank, USAID, ADB, UNDP, CIDA, and DFID among others, and has been a part of several official government and industry committees of energy and environment.

Bhaskar has worked with the agencies of the Ministry of Power and Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate change on national level programs for energy efficiency and sustainability. Bhaskar has also extensive experience working with NGOs at the grass roots level, implementing projects to deliver project benefits to the local population. Bhaskar has also worked with the private sector in planning and implementing projects relating to carbon finance with several power utilities in the country. While working with government agencies, Bhaskar was a member of several official committees set up to review plans, projects, regulations. Prior to joining AEEE, Bhaskar has worked with the USAID PACE-D project and the Institute of Sustainable Communities.

Bhaskar has written extensively in national and international publications and is the co-author of ‘Renewable Energy, A Policy Analysis for India’, Tata McGraw Hill, Delhi, 2000. Bhaskar was the Contributing Lead Author for the chapters on Technology Transfer, as a part of the Special Report on Methodological and Technological Issues in Technology Transfer, for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

All Sessions by Bhaskar Natarajan

DAY 02 | Friday February 3, 2023
10:15 - 11:15

Industry Session 3 – Market Transformation at the Sub-national Level: The Cases from California Powered by Energy Solutions

New Delhi

Decarbonizing buildings to meet climate goals and states as a test bed: California Case Studies

  • Emerging Technology: Accelerate the identification, testing, and demonstration of emerging and underutilized decarbonization technologies
  • CalNEXT Program
  • Scalable deployment: Assess and develop program solutions to address barriers to widespread adoption of technologies to supercharge the transition
  • Midstream Programs and TECH Clean California
  • Increasing baseline: Lock-in the transformation with development of policy using new technology as the baseline
  • Appliance Standards