PK Goel

PK Goel

Eurovent Certita

Industry and Technical Advisor, Eurovent Certita

Mr Pk Goel is a Mechanical Engineer from IIT- Kharagpur and has worked in the HVAC industry in India and the Middle East for 40+ Years. His Experience includes Product Management, Commissioning and HVAC controls. 

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DAY 02 | Friday February 3, 2023
15:45 - 16:45

Industry Session 5 – Scaling up Financing for Energy-Efficient Products using Independent Measurement and Verification Powered by Eurovent

New Delhi

Session Brief: According to studies and research conducted by IEA and McKinsey, floor area in the buildings sector worldwide is expected to increase 75% between 2020 and 2050, of which 80% would be in emerging markets and developing economies. In this regard, India is uniquely placed with three-quarters of the buildings, infrastructure and industrial capacity of India in 2050 yet to be built. Despite this demand growth the total CO2 emissions from the buildings sector need to decline by more than 95% by 2050. This would translate to more than 85% of buildings complying with zero-carbon-ready building energy codes by 2050. In addition, HVAC energy use constitutes the largest single category of building energy load. Under this scenario, an efficient airside in the HVAC sector becomes ever-more important to ensure meeting these net zero requirements while maintaining a high level of IAQ.