Dushyant Ahuja

Dushyant Ahuja

Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited

Vice President & Head, Asset Management, Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited

Dushyant is a multi-talented professional with over eighteen years of experience in operations, cost and change management, financial analysis, strategy consulting, and project management with clients across America, Asia, and Europe. He specializes in operations and risk management, with projects ranging from interior construction to large-scale renewable energy plants.

As a Vice President & Head, Asset Management, Dushyant is responsible for managing the commercial assets of Tata Realty across the country. Dushyant is responsible for optimising operations and leading innovations across the commercial properties.

Dushyant is a versatile leader and has performed commendably at several roles within the real estate domain. His experience ranges from digital transformation of processes, to leading the development and construction of renewable energy projects.

In earlier roles, Dushyant has led the cost and project management teams on multi-million dollar projects across the globe, with specific focus in India, US, UK and Hong Kong. He also directed the digital transformation and process optimisation of all construction processes for a leading investment bank; moving them to a cloud-based project management system. 

Prior to that, he spent time in the renewable energy sector, developing solar, wind, biomass projects across India. He was instrumental in closing equity deals for over 100 MW of solar projects. In addition, he headed the development and construction of ~10 MW of solar PV plants in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

All Sessions by Dushyant Ahuja

DAY 02 | Friday February 3, 2023
11:30 - 12:30

Industry Session 4 – Decarbonizing India’s Cooling Sector through Adoption of District Cooling and other Cooling Technologies Powered by TABREED India

New Delhi

Session Brief: In light of India’s burgeoning cooling requirements and its commitments under the Paris agreement, this session aims to discuss the most suitable and sustainable strategy that can be adopted to decarbonize Indian cities while meeting the demand for cooling

The session will be structured in an ‘Oxford Union Style Debate’ format to engage the speakers as well as the audience. The proposition team will be speaking in favour of district cooling as well as other cooling technologies as the best possible solution; and how its deployment on a large scale (real estate, smart cities and urban planning) facilitated through the right policies and investments can yield economic and ecological dividends for all stakeholders through significantly reduced power load on the grid (as well as the potential for load shifting through the integration of renewable and thermal energy storage), energy consumption savings, etc. On the other hand, those representing the “opposition” will focus on challenges to the deployment and adoption of DC, relevance and feasibility of DC for India, especially in the context of affordable housing, resi-sector, and Tier II, III, IV cities, as well as the larger role passive cooling measures and nature-based solutions can play in providing thermal comfort.

The event will be moderated by Tabreed India, an industry leader in district cooling, and will feature dignitaries from the cooling and allied industries as well as government organisations. The session, through its structure and focused conversation, will help provide a holistic and systemic view, integrating seemingly isolated aspects of the argument cohesively together, for formulating and implementing India’s Cooling Roadmap.