Daniel Cornejo

Daniel Cornejo

Energy Solutions

Vice President, Business Strategy, Energy Solutions

Mr. Cornejo has the broad responsibility to oversee Energy Solutions’ current and future business strategies. Daniel uses his innovative and motivating skills to lead a cohort of teams in market development, market transformation, and strategy to guide Energy Solutions to achieve large scale environmental impacts. To succeed, his team is focused on the following functions: emerging technologies, new markets, product and product launch, policy engagement, environmental social justice, and strategic planning.

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DAY 02 | Friday February 3, 2023
10:15 - 11:15

Industry Session 3 – Market Transformation at the Sub-national Level: The Cases from California Powered by Energy Solutions

New Delhi

Decarbonizing buildings to meet climate goals and states as a test bed: California Case Studies

  • Emerging Technology: Accelerate the identification, testing, and demonstration of emerging and underutilized decarbonization technologies
  • CalNEXT Program
  • Scalable deployment: Assess and develop program solutions to address barriers to widespread adoption of technologies to supercharge the transition
  • Midstream Programs and TECH Clean California
  • Increasing baseline: Lock-in the transformation with development of policy using new technology as the baseline
  • Appliance Standards