CLASP is a leading international non-profit organization that specializes in improving appliance and equipment efficiency, mitigating and adapting to climate change, and expanding access to clean energy. The organization was founded in 1999, since then it has been working on making appliances more energy efficient and expanding energy services to un- and under-electrified communities around the world.

CLASP’s mission is to make appliances as “planet-neutral” and “people-positive” by transitioning grid-connected appliances towards higher levels of efficiency, effectively expanding the benefits of appliances for all. CLASP prioritizes increasing the resilience of low-income individuals and communities to cope with climate change and aim to leave no one behind.

CLASP’s efforts are focused on maximizing the number of people that benefit from appliances along with the magnitude of those benefits via improved energy access, social and economic well-being, health, equity, and environmental justice. CLASP’s work is based on the belief that affordable, high-quality, efficient appliances running on clean renewable energy systems are essential for improving lives by boosting productivity, economic development, and health and educational outcomes.

CLASP works with India’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency, which has steadily expanded its appliance policy framework to cover a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial energy-using products. The results include reducing greenhouse gas emissions and peak electricity demand, helping to diminish air pollution, reducing consumer energy costs, and expanding access to high quality appliances. In partnership with local stakeholders, we advance policy compliance, education and outreach initiatives to foster an ecosystem for resource-efficient appliances and equipment.